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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1154 – Singularity Universe tin knife
Sacred sh*t, it actually will work. Then can I exchange Earth with other planets in person? Allow Entire world keep the Milky Way?
Zhou Wen was happy when he continuing wandering around the Never-ending Ocean of Personalities while using Environment Devourer.
Nonetheless, the results wasn’t that instant. Even though the superstar related towards the tiny world inside the Singularity Universe stored flickering, there is no movement.
Over the following 2nd, an astounding matter happened. Spatial vitality suddenly erupted. Then, the small planet under Zhou Wen’s hands and fingers, featuring its primary physique consists of metallic, easily become a very small gemstone world. It turned out usually the one Zhou Wen acquired picked out to switch with.
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Zhou Wen naturally couldn’t let it do since it hoped. He teleported on the very small earth. The Clown Cover up on his confront produced a strange atmosphere when the adjoining s.p.a.ce distorted.
Only then performed Zhou Wen realize that he was backwards in the planning. The greater amount of issue the earth Devourer devoured, the more powerful it became. It didn’t seem like satiation was possible.
Only then have Zhou Wen know that he was backwards as part of his contemplating. The better issue the earth Devourer devoured, the more robust it grew to become. It didn’t appear like satiation was achievable.
Zhou Wen envisioned himself vacationing with The planet inside the universe.
Nevertheless, on careful thought, it probably wasn’t so simple.
Nevertheless, the result wasn’t that instantaneous. Although star related towards the small planet within the Singularity World preserved flickering, there seemed to be no movement.
In the next subsequent, an incredible thing occurred. Spatial strength suddenly erupted. Then, the small earth under Zhou Wen’s hands and wrists, utilizing its primary body system made from stainless steel, immediately converted into a very small natural stone earth. It had been normally the one Zhou Wen got picked to switch with.
Having said that, Zhou Wen soon pointed out that his idea was ridiculously drastically wrong. After the Environment Devourer devoured the small earth, not merely made it happen not present any signs and symptoms of getting ‘satiated,’ however the assortment and suction compel from the black colored hole improved.
Zhou Wen was pleased while he continued wandering around the Endless Seas of Celebrities while using Environment Devourer.
However, he quickly realized that however the Clown Mask was potent spatially, it turned out still too hard to teleport a smaller earth a long way away.
When the Singularity World enhanced to the Terror class, it could actually only switch this sort of tiny world. How big is a small environment was approximately the actual size of a mountain / hill. It turned out far second-rate to Planet. It was subsequently most likely not that easy to exchange it using a real environment.
In the next next, an amazing point occurred. Spatial strength suddenly erupted. Then, the tiny planet under Zhou Wen’s arms, featuring its principal body comprised of aluminum, instantly become a small natural stone earth. It absolutely was usually the one Zhou Wen obtained picked out to change with.
With the effectiveness of Singularity World, Zhou Wen could freely traverse the tiny planets in the Limitless Ocean of Stars. However, he could only track down the small planets. He couldn’t teleport easily like as he was making use of Clown Face mask, though the teleportation extended distance was considerably further.
Section 1154: Singularity World
Zhou Wen could only teleport with Banana Fairy to avoid the environment Devourer’s suction when he pondered in excess of a strategy to kill it.
The Environment Devourer possessed expended quite a bit of strength. It suddenly quit going after Zhou Wen and instead rushed towards a smallish, in close proximity environment. Plainly, it planned to devour the little planet to replenish its energy.
Our Planet Devourer had already trapped to him. Zhou Wen possessed no choice but to quit on the very idea of teleporting the planet. He teleported to the other world.
Nevertheless, Zhou Wen soon realized that his plan was ridiculously bad. Following your Planet Devourer devoured the small environment, not merely made it happen not show any symptoms of simply being ‘satiated,’ but the variety and suction drive from the dark gap enhanced.
Boundless Wind power swept toward the environment Devourer, however it was cannot blow it absent.
Our Planet Devourer experienced expended a substantial amount of energy. It suddenly ended chasing after Zhou Wen and instead hurried towards a tiny, near by earth. Plainly, it wanted to devour the small world to boost its vitality.
It is indeed successful!
By using a imagined, Zhou Wen teleported to a recognize where there had been a lesser number of planets.
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Boundless Wind swept toward the earth Devourer, nonetheless it was can not blow it apart.
Nonetheless, analysis was ultimately research. When he was trapped, he could only consider it without doing any verification. Thus, Zhou Wen didn’t determine if he was ideal.
Holy sh*t, it really is effective. Then can one exchange Planet with other planets in real life? Just let Globe keep the Milky Way?
Happily, Zhou Wen, who had been donning Clown Mask, could teleport definitely. The Planet Devourer couldn’t get caught up to him.

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